Dragons!Again, welcome to DragonIsle. This site is dedicated -- among other things -- to the world of dragons. The goal, here, is to keep gathering information on dragons, everything from books, web sites, pictures, stories, myths and legends, games, virtual dragons, and on and on! Since DragonIsle is a work in progress, you'll have to be patient with us, but if you're willing to do that, you'll find heaps of pleasant surprises when you visit the site regularly!

About DragonIsle Dragons aren't the only thing you can find here at DragonIsle, though. This IS an island, after all! At times you'll find yourself surrounded by friendly helpings of aquatic creatures, too! The island is inhabited by dragons, but there were other creatures living here before the dragons ever arrived. Keep your eyes peeled and you may find yourself face to face with the elusive fluffs as well!

Dragons!DragonIsle is and always will be a kid-friendly web site. We work hard to make sure nothing inappropriate to young viewers pops up on any of our pages. But boring grown-ups shouldn't fret either, there's plenty to do here for all age groups! All in all DragonIsle tries to offer a friendly environment for dragon-lovers of all ages!

If you ever feel like any of this isn't the case, feel free to let us know! The easiest way right now is to post a message for us in the discussion forums. Again, thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!

To Parents:
One of our goals with DragonIsle is to offer a family-friendly and child-safe environment. We feel that having a place that offers mentally-stimulating games, fun activities and interaction with other users is an excellent opportunity for both children and young adults. We want to keep DragonIsle just that way. To aid in that process we regularly screen both the discussion forums and the messages sent between users within DragonIsle for inappropriate content. In addition, we are working to encourage interactions and friendships between users in the same age groups. We hope these and our additional efforts will continue to make DragonIsle a site parents are comfortable allowing their children to visit.