Welcome to the DragonIsle forums! We'd like to offer a few suggestions, hopefully it'll make the forums a little more usable for everyone -- don't worry, you won't be tested on these or anything. But it's a good idea to at least read through these guidelines, if only so you know what the forums are like in general. If you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the forums or send a message and ask us!

Posting - Grammar
First off, in spite of what you may have seen online, it's generally a good idea to punctuate and capitalize properly. If nothing else it's good practice for the future. Seriously, people will take you way more seriously if you capitalize you I's.
Editing Posts
If you notice you mistyped something, don't panic! It's easy to fix. Go back to your post and click the Edit button to edit your post. Try to do that instead of re-posting with a "what I meant to say was..."
Don't. Just don't. What's double-posting? Well, it's a few things, none of which should ever be done. One, it's when you post the same comment more than once in a topic. Don't do this, it just irks everyone (and there's a few fire-breathers in particular who get heated up about it). Two, it's when you start more than one topic about the same thing. If you have a topic to bring up, only post it in one forum, and only post it once. It's only fair, really.
Joining a Conversation
While some people will get annoyed no matter what you do, you can generally avoid a lot of hostility if you read through a topic before posting on it. Nothing gets people more fired up than when you make the same comment that someone already made a few days ago.
If you have a question, before you start a new topic on it, check to make sure someone didn't already ask the question you're about to. You can use the search box to easily look through all the posts that already exist.
What Not To Post
Remember, discussion forums are meant for everyone's enjoyment. It's not the place to start a private conversation with only one or a few users. If it's in the discussion forums, that means anyone's welcome to contribute..

Also, make sure your posts add something to the discussion. It's probably not worth it to post if all you're saying is "I agree" or "me too" or "thanks." As a general rule, if it's only one sentence long, it's probably not worth posting.
Every board has one or more moderators. They're there to make sure things stay in line. They're just other members of the Isle, nothing fancy, but if they ask you to stop arguing or to tone down your comments, please listen. If not, you may find yourself being blocked from posting.

Don't worry, the moderators themselves can't block you. They just let us know and we'll take care of it if we need to. But if you see a moderator abusing their priveleges, please send us a message and we'll get to the bottom of it.
A wise person once said "how you act is a reflection of your own self, no one else." That means if someone calls you names, you don't have to be rude back. Be respectful of everyone, dragon or human, and everyone will be much happier. Oh, and if someone keeps being rude to you, or if you see two people in a shouting match, shoot us a quick message so we can take care of it.
We don't tolerate any kind of profanity on the DragonIsle. The forums are all moderated, and if you can't keep your mouth... er, keyboard clean then you'll be blocked from posting on the site.
Questionable Content
DragonIsle is a site for users of all ages, so we'd like to keep things clean. As in G-rated. There's really no point in posting anything other than that, and any users that repeatedly post questionable content will be blocked from posting.