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Sairyu    Dec 22, 2011 at 08:45 PM
As an aspiring RPing gamest I found this website to start my own RP or Forum.

Here are the ReQuIrEmEnTs:
1). All characters must read the RPing Guidelines before entering this topic.
2). All characters must make a setting in ALL new posts.( Unless we are having an active RP at the moment.)
3.) No characters can have mass powers or be invincible.( It just sucks the fun out of RPing)
4.) No terms can used unless added to the Dictionary.
5.) All characters must have their OWN name AND personality.
6.) No disgusting or violent scenes and language may be used on this website! ( All of you should know this bcuz you should have read the RPing Guidelines before joining.)
7.)Characters can NOT have random pets appear out of no where.( Honestly, it's annoying bcuz people have no idea how it came to existence.)
8.) All characters must have a sense of IMAGINATION!
9.) All characters will NOT be able to change shape or their character whenever. ( We would enjoy some consistency throughout the RP.)
10.) The term RP must be used at ALL times.( It just sounds cooler.)
11.) Creator and SubCreator have the ability to choose who comes and goes...... which will never happen. XDD

Character Specifications:
Name: Sairyu
(Last name yet to be revealed.)
Age: Ninteen
Race: Tibaerian
Origin: Gualapogas......(Not Comfirmed)
Gender: Female
1.) Sense
2.) Elemental Control
3.) Summons
4.) Battle

Sairyu    Dec 22, 2011 at 10:06 PM

Tibaerians: (TY-BURR-RAIN-NEE-ANS)
n. The race of animals combined forcibly with human DNA.
v. To act upon without emotion; The ability to not feel or react ; the pure reality of survival.
Origin. The word "Tibaer" comes from the second creation of Mother Oshu.
n. To roll play
v. The action of acting out or representing others than yourself.
Jumaciany (JUM-AK-MAHN-EE) type of race.
n. A type of race renowned for their balance and speed ; referred to as " Macia: Golden Hybrid." This species is a rare breed in which only three exist on planet Newcrom.
Avila: carter13 character; sub-creator.
Origin: "Jumaci" (JIM-MACY) stemmed from Mother Oshu' six toed speed and golden coloured skin.
Mother Oshu (MAH-TH-ER-OH-SHOO)
n. The creator of the universe and it's contents. All powerful Protecters and creator.
v. The complete essence of Divinity.

Sairyu    Dec 23, 2011 at 12:14 AM
The wind softly ruffled my fur that peeked out from under my hood in the forest..... I shivered. I do not understand why nor how I ended up on this forest. My father, Sephirion, said I would be located to Berlium, the Council that aids my Father in ruling his enclosed empire. Instead of being prepared for that evenings' round of initiations I am sitting anxiously awaiting my orders in case they should appear in the forest, or more precise the Deciduous Forest at what seems to be High Noon....
"I do not understand...... the sun was positioned at set....."
I curiously pondered this fact.
" mmmm.... I was positioned in an eastern area...." A rare feeling of.... excitement came over me.
" I have over 546,709 kilometers to travel." I whispered hesitantly to myself. Not even the wind could pass on my tidings of realization, this was an extrahdinory opportunity for me to set my sites on my own prowess in this materialistic world. I blinked and shifted my attitude to survival.
" Beware my might , I will destroy all who cross my path, even the fabled Golden Hybrid will do me no harm" With the wind, my warning was issued to all who could understand the winds mysterious voice. I shall begin my journey, I thought. So I quickly pulled my hood tight and fastened my restraint agaisnt my hood and began looking for a sharp stone to build my impending attack.
carter13    Dec 23, 2011 at 03:24 PM
I walked through the abandoned town. my make up on my skin had washed off during the rain a day ago reveling my golden like skin. I jumped onto the fence post and stood there looking over it. A slight dust cloud was coming. I could easily out run it with my natural speed and balance. I was one of the three golden hybrid breeds on this putrid small planet. As the dust cloud became thicker and I tensed ready to run. My lack of clothing troubled me as I was in the desert with shorts and a tank top. I jumped from the fence with natural muscle in my legs landing I ran across the desert floor with the sun beaming down on me hard. Its was impossible for me to get sun burned or tanned because of my golden like skin but it doesn't mean that I cant get dehydrated. I ran up to speeds of fourth miles per hour, I was the only golden colored breed hat could do that out of three, the other two con only run up to thirty or thirty five. I left that dust cloud way behind me and out of sight. The planet newcrom is my home planet. I'm hoping to find more of my breed on it. once I found a small cactus that supported a bit of shade. After resting I continued on going west toward what this planet calls a state with a name of "Calafornia"
Sairyu    Dec 23, 2011 at 03:45 PM
I quickly scoped the brush that surrounded and sufficated the trees here. The lush greenery seemed to be over-populating itself.... I stood up tall, straight, and tensed. I used my sense to detect other power-levels in a thirty mile radias.. thousands of sensations went through a primary diagnostics system that was well-perfected in my mind. I separated the power-levels at and above fifty into my cautionary pretenses. Over thirty-eight are in the western side of the forest. I walked slow and cuastiously to the north. While using sensory I located a hidden oulcove in the forest that I could slip through unoticed. My skill was not strong enough to sense any farther. I slowly retracted my mind, making sure none of the life in this forest were left with a lasting impression in their long term memory. Quickly having completed my minut regulatory look-out I got back to collecting my supplies. I then realized I was forced to build my basics from srcatch. I bent over and started searching for a rather thin and flat stone that possesed a dark hue to it.
"This forest does not seem to be willing to provide for me."
"Then I shall change its' mind."
I carefully cleared a singel spiral with the eight points of Mother out of the brush and its greenery. I distantly kept in mind that all life and spirit on this planet are as holy and well connected to their creator: Mother Oshu. I quietly summoned strength, respect, and honour and presented my entity to the guardian of the forest. I slowly realized after having been standing for twenty minuets, I had been given permission all means nescisary to sustain my life. Even if that meant killing for my own life istead of the Sacred Rule of Oshuma Temple.
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