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Yeah, we're fantasy fiction fanatics like the rest of you. We've been working hard to collect a stunning array of books, all of them about that most marvelous of species, the dragon! Click the link above to browse the entire list, you can even add your own favorites if they're not already there. Or check out our featured book below!
Dragonflight    by Anne McCaffrey
See this book at! Here's one dragon book you may not be familiar with. It's not as recent as Eragon or Dragon Rider, but it's definitely a keeper. There's a reason Anne McCaffrey is called the Queen of Dragons! This was the book that started the Dragonriders of Pern series.

The story is of a young woman named Lessa who lives on a world where dragons live and breathe. She suddenly finds herself partnered up with a newborn dragon and her life is changed completely. History tells that the dragonriders are to protect the world from "Thread," silvery danger that falls from the sky. But no one has seen Thread in almost 200 years, and many are starting to wonder if it was all just a myth. Lessa and F'lar, the leader of the dragonriders, must convince them that otherwise and find a way to fight the Thread before it destroys their entire world.

If you're looking for a good series to get started, this is a great opener to a very well-written set of dragon stories. Definitely not just "more of the same"!