Ralph ( 5910 adoptions )
Ralph is the first REAL pet that's available so far. No fake black backgrounds, no nonsense, this guy is all there and all for you. His red overtones tend to accentuate the fiery nature of his personality, as would seem appropriate for someone as true-blue (er, red) as Ralph.
Albert ( 2789 adoptions )
Albert's as honest as he is long -- and he's definitely not lacking in the length department, let me tell you! Don't expect any hot-headed outbursts from this guy, he's one cool character. But with his charming wit and sudden bursts of spontaneity, he'll keep you on your toes nonetheless, you can be sure of that!
Hector ( 4362 adoptions )
Hector's a bit smaller than the other dragons, but that's never stopped his personality from standing out! This little guy is practically exploding with spunk! Where he gets it all from we may never know...
Martin ( 2271 adoptions )
Martin is a lot more than just your run-of-the-mill dragon. He's quite keen on using those wings of his to keep from staying in one place for more than a second or two. He's got a great sense of humor -- but watch out for his sudden spurts of fiery attitude!
Stewart ( 1034 adoptions )
Stewart isn't like most other dragons... For example, he doesn't have arms. But what he lacks in conformity he more than makes up for in style. You can trust Stewart to help you wriggle out of even the tightest situations, and he's good for the occasional lift as well!
Tina ( 1918 adoptions )
Tina comes as a very welcome addition to our current lineup of pets. She's always good for a laugh, even if she is a might shy at moments. She loves talking (and listening) and knows some pretty funny jokes so keep your ears tuned!